Sexual Integrity Forum
Below are the papers which have been submitted to contribute to the overall goal and purpose of the Sexual Integrity Forum. These papers have been taken into consideration by the delegates of each of the six specific policy elective topics in order to arrive at the outcomes as shown on this website.
POLICY ELECTIVE 1: Define sexual integrity
Defining Sexual Integrity
Author: Geoffrey Bullock
POLICY ELECTIVE 2: Promote the need for sexual integrity in order to foster gender equality, gender reconciliation and healthy family relationships
POLICY ELECTIVE 3: Promote the need for sexual integrity in media, communications, advertising and the workplace for the greater good of the whole community
POLICY ELECTIVE 4: Promote the regulation of the internet to curtail the sexual exploitation of women and children
POLICY ELECTIVE 5: Advocate for the ending of sexual slavery - in particular the end of international trafficking in women for prostitution in Australia
POLICY ELECTIVE 6:  Promote the need for sexual integrity to bring an end to the sexual abuse of children
Child Sex Abuse
Author: Kate Handevidt
Author: Betty Roberts
Elective 2 Paper
Author: Betty Roberts
Sexual Integrity Definition
Author: Byron Pirola
Thoughts on Seeking a Definition
Author: Dr. Tim O'Neill
Paper for Policy Elective No 2
Author: Margaret Andrews
A Plea For Sexual Integrity
Author: Rob Furlong
Men and Sexual Tensions
Author: Paul Whyte
Sexual Integrity in Media
Author:  Jamie Boyd
The Internet: A Guide For Families
Author: Bill Muehlenberg
A Plea for Action to Protect Children
Author:  Dwight Randall
The Violence of Pornography
Author: Andrew Lansdown
Speech for SIF
Author:  Kate Handevidt
Celebrating Sexual Difference
Authors: Byron & Francine Pirola