This forum is dedicated to the
memory of nine year old Ebony Simpson,
sexually assaulted and murdered
on her way home from school in 1992.
Sexual Integrity Forum
Welcome to the inaugural Sexual Integrity Forum Website.

The Sexual Integrity Forum was held in Parliament House, Canberra on the 8th-9th of August 2005. 

Many people have wondered, "Why have a Sexual Integrity Forum?"  The statistics coming from our sexually dysfunctional society scream for an answer:

"Sexual assault has increased by almost 30% since 1999."
"Men in prison for sexual assault have doubled since 1988."
"The risk of sexual violence doubled in adulthood for women who were abused as a child."
"84% of boys and 60% of girls have had exposure to internet pornography."
"73% of boys and 11% of girls have watched x-rated videos."
"2/3rds of sex crimes in Australia are committed against our children."

These statistics are pleading for our action. The presence of almost 100 people at the Sexual Integrity Forum is open testimony to the desperate need to restore sexual integrity in Australia.  The challenge is for us to be very open and honest with each other, to hear not only each other's words but also each other's hearts.  In the past, the Fatherhood Foundation has held forums that have been very successful.  This success is contingent on the ability of each delegate to listen and walk in another's shoes and to show honour and respect to those who join us on the journey.  These attitudes of the heart are the keys to the success of the Sexual Integrity Forum.

Professor Warren Farrell puts it this way, "For the first time in history, the sexes have an opportunity to redefine love."  The Sexual Integrity Forum could play a key part in this process.  The challenge is to find unity in our diversity and accept that in some areas we will never have the same point of view.

We appreciate the sacrifice of those who came to Canberra.  We thank you for your contribution to the restoration of sexual integrity in Australia.  The Sexual Integrity Forum is all about your passion for change, your willingness to listen, your creative policy ideas and your ability to bring change through love.

Yours for positive change,

Warwick & Alison Marsh & the
Fatherhood Foundation Conference Team.