To promote sexual integrity in media, advertising, government legislation, education and workplace.
By Geoffrey Bullock

Sexual integrity is sexual expression which is honest and moral. 
Sexual integrity is sexual expression which helps, not hurts others. 
Sexual integrity builds positive, caring relationships. 
Sexual integrity finds its fulfillment in the commitment of a man and a woman to each other for life, creating an optimal family environment for mutual enjoyment and for the raising of children, our nation's future.

Today sexual integrity is less highly esteemed than in the past. 
Promiscuity - where men and women see each other as throw-away commodities -  is soaring, with resultant increases in sexually transmitted infections, some of which are incurable and life-threatening.  Depression and mental illness are on the rise as well.

These negative changes have been fuelled by a number of factors, including:
!media exploitation of sexuality - turning readers, listeners and viewers into voyeurs;
!exploitation of sexuality by advertisers who use titillating scenes to sell their products;
!weakened government controls in advertising and the media - allowing  a system of "self-regulation" akin to giving Dracula the key to the blood bank;
!non-holistic school sex education with one main message - "sleeping around is OK, as long as you use a condom";
!promotion of prostitution - women's bodies for sale - in many Australian states where the sex trade has been legalised.

Workplace reforms minimising sexual harassment have been positive moves, but more effort is needed to make work places sexually safe for all.

What can we do?

!tighten classification guidelines for films, computer games, television and advertising;
!appoint classification and broadcasting authorities who will enforce the plain meaning of the guidelines;
!institute non-religious, values-based, fully-factual government school sex education programs which promote sexual integrity by explaining the serious risks of  having more than one sexual partner; the shortcomings of condoms, even when used correctly; the physical and psychological risks associated with abortion; and the positive benefits of fidelity to a carefully chosen sexual partner for life;
!criminalise pimping, procuring and profiting from the prostitution of others - including an absolute prohibition on all forms of prostitution advertising;
!provide support services to protect and rehabilitate women who want to quit the sex trade;
!improve laws on sexual harassment in the workplace to eliminate the presence of pornography.