Sexual Integrity Forum
Outcomes of the Sexual Integrity Forum have been posted on this page including:

Policy Proposals

Six Policy Proposals were formed from the Six Policy Elective Discussion Groups held at the SIF. Each Policy Proposal was voted upon by all delegates who were present at the SIF voting session held on Tuesday, 9 August, 2005. Policy was agreed upon unanimously. Following the SIF, a final draft of each policy proposal has been developed by each of the Group Leaders for each Policy Elective Group.
Click on this link to view each Groups Final Policy Proposal

16 Reasons for Sexual Integrity
A document titled '16 Reasons for Sexual Integrity' has now been released following the Sexual Integrity Forum 2005. It has been published as a full-colour glossy brochure for use as a education and information resource.
Click here to find out more about the document '16 Reasons for Sexual Integrity' and read the text-only version

Media Resulting From the SIF
A large media interest was shown in the Sexual Integrity Forum including some of which are posted on this website.
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Media Releases
Several Media Releases have been distributed as a direct outcome from the Sexual Integrity Forum.
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Sexual Integrity Forum Photos
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Related Media Articles
As the Sexual Integrity Movement gains momentum, the rapid increase in related articles has also.
A few recent related articles have been included on this site.
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Sexual Integrity Movement Progress Report
The Sexual Integrity Movement is progressing rapidly.
Click on this link to view the Sexual Integrity Movement Progress Report including links to State-based movements and their new websites