Media Releases

Below are the media releases following the SIF, and Anthony Byrne MP's Speech.
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Public Libraries: Blocking Internet Pornography

Your assistance in the promotion of sexual integrity in our nation is highly valuable.  Mr Anthony Byrne MP, ALP for Holt, who has been a strong supporter of the Sexual Integrity Forum, has called for the Federal Government to block internet pornography at public libraries.  This was the first positive action that has come out of the forum and we would encourage you to get behind this call in the following ways:

1)  Write a letter to Prime Minister, Hon John Howard, and ask him to block internet pornography for all public libraries in Australia.  Our children need our protection.
2)  Send Anthony Byrne a copy of your letter / email to encourage and thank him for his wonderful initiative.
3)  Please circulate this call for action amongst your own networks across Australia and even send out your own media release in support of this call for action ASAP.